The Sports Confederation of Greenland (GIF) works to promote and strengthen sport in Greenland by collecting and disseminating knowledge and advice on organisation, management, finances and increasing awareness of and interest in sport. The administration manages sport in Greenland in collaboration with the national sports federations, sports clubs and companies.  

Meet GIF’S employees

Jonas is Secretary General and therefore responsible for the day-to-day running of GIF’s Secretariat. 

Areas of responsibility: 
•Operation and Administration 
•Staff management  
•Sports policy 
•Public affairs (PA) 
•Collaboration agreements 
•Strategic management 
•Course pool 

Jonas Jensen
Secretary General

+299 34 81 51

Poul is Deputy Director and Head of Development at GIF and is the primary advisor to federations and clubs without a federation.
Areas of responsibility:
•Deputy Director
•Advice and guidance for federations and clubs without a federation 
•Island Games  
•Anti Doping Greenland 
•Order and Amateur Committee 
•Public Affairs 
•Skills development 
•Project and organisational management 

Poul Petersen
Head of Development

+299 34 81 59

Aviaaja is responsible for the development of active workplaces, para-sport/disabled sports.

Areas of responsibility: 

•Company sport/Healthy Workplaces 
•Disabled sports 
•Children & Youth (Sports daycare centres and state schools) 
•GIF representative in the Nutrition and Exercise Council 
•Sport and leisure network for consultants in municipalities 
•Arctic Winter Games

Aviaaja Geisler
Head of Health 

+299 34 81 56

Ella is overall responsible for GIF’s external communication and the dissemination of the vision for 2030. 

Areas of responsibility: 

•Strategic communication
•Press, PR & PA 
•Digital platforms
•Communication advice 
•Sponsor visibility 

Ella Grødem
Head of Communications 

+299 34 81 57

Bjørn develops and leads project work and collaborates on vision 2030. 

Areas of responsibility: 
•Project management 
•Project manager of ‘Ataatsimoorluta Aalasa’ 
•Skills development 
•Children & Youth (Sports daycare centres and state schools) 
•Networking/Cooperation agreements 
•Analyses and studies 

Bjørn Søvsø Jensen
Development Consultant 

+299 34 81 60

Marie Natuk is responsible for the development of outdoor activities and is also an advisor to national sports federations.

Areas of responsibility: 
•Outdoor projects 
•Elderly sport 
•Advice to national sports federations and clubs without a national sports federation 
•Faxe Kondi pool 

Marie Natuk Nielsen
Development Consultant

+299 34 81 53

Kista is a project assistant on the GIF/UNICEF project: Ataatsimoorluta Aalasa.

Areas of responsibility: 
•Development and implementation of Ataatsimoorluta Aalasa interventions. 
•Supporting development projects 

Kista Hammeken Lennert
Project Consultant UNICEF 

+299 34 81 55

Emil is responsible for GIF’s social media and works with content production for GIF’s platforms.

Areas of responsibility:

•Content production 
•Social media 
•Concept development and campaigns 
•Communication advice 
•Other communication and press duties 

Emil Stach
Communications Consultant 

+299 34 81 63

Uiloq is a project assistant for Atatsimoorluta Aalasa and also advises national sports federations.

Areas of responsibility:

•Project assistant on the GIF/UNICEF Project: Ataatsimoorluta Aalasa
•GAME Greenland
•Supporting development projects
•Support operations
•Support communication

Uiloq Mathæussen
Development Consultant 

+299 34 81 64

Apollonie coordinates and promotes the effort in the municipality-visions deal between Qeqqata Kommunia and GIF.

Areas of responsibility:

•Implementation of efforts in municipality-visions deal
•Contribute to create environments for kids and young, that promotes well-being and health
•Work to promote sense of community across generations through sports and physical activity
•Making preparations of casepresentations of projects in health and prevention

Apollonie Kreutzmann

Project Consultant – Qeqqata Kommunia/GIF

+299 86 73 13

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