Focus area

Physical activity for children and young people

Children learn through movement and exercise

We know that physical activity is essential for children’s learning, health and well-being. Movement and exercise in children’s daily lives strengthen motor skills, improves the child’s ability to learn and builds social skills. It can increase the child’s self-esteem, strengthen the child’s relationships and help to improve mental health – something that can equip them to master the challenges that life may offer.

Healthy values from childhood

Right now, more than one in three children (37%) say that they are physically active less than once a week during their school day. Therefore, we want to work for a more physically active everyday life for our school and daycare children and help to ensure that physical activity becomes an entirely natural part of their lives from an early age.


More children and young people participating in active communities.

More children and young people say that they are more physically active during their school day

More schools and daycare institutions to have a strategy for implementing physical activity in everyday life

More staff in schools and daycare institutions to have the skills to conduct activities with physical activity

More federations, associations and parent networks working to strengthen the participation of children and young people in active communities

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