Focus area

increased and more varied activity development

Time is a barrier

Our ambition is a population that is physically active “from cradle to grave”. Today, only approximately every third (36%) of us adults play sports and exercise and half (52%) of our children. And as many as 46% of children (and 36% of adults) say they do not do physical activity of any kind in the winter (as opposed to 34% and 15% in the summer).

New and flexible activity offers

We will promote the development of activity offers that are adapted to the needs of the ordinary citizen regardless of age, level of ambition, resources, etc. Activities that both include competition, but also activities that have exercise and community at the centre.


More new activities should introduce more people to physical activity.

More clubs to offer customised activities for new target groupsr

More companies to offer physical activity at the workplace

To establish locally anchored networks with a focus on initiatives targeted at increased physical activity

More public institutions to incorporate physical activity into their efforts

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