GHF (Greenland Handball Association) was founded in 1974 and is a member of the International Handball Federation (IHF). Today, the federation is called Timersoqatigiit Assammik Arsartartut Kattuffiat (TAAK).

Greenland is placed in the Pan American group and has participated in three World Cups final rounds for men and a single World Cup final round for women. Greenlandic championships for youth and seniors are held. Various clubs also organize the Children’s Cup, which has become a great success in Central Greenland. In 2018, TAAK hosted the Pan American Championships for men (senior), which was the largest international sporting event at the elite level to date, held in Greenland.


Contact info

Consulent: Agathe Dahl Thorleifsen 
Adress: Issortarfimmut 8, 3900 Nuuk
Phone: (+299) 34 81 58
E-mail: kontor@ghf.gl
Site: www.taak.gl
Facebook: Timersortartut Assammik Arsaattartut Kattuffiat

Chairman: Carsten Olsen

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